April 2019

Let’s be clear about vegan beer

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This spring we have launched our very first vegan beer, New Dawn. Full of fruity hops, New Dawn has a juicy and fresh taste with a hint of citrus. It’s a refreshing burst of flavour, perfect for spring and summertime drinking. Traditionally, the quality of a good beer is often judged by its clarity. To achieve a clear beer, ‘finings’ are used towards the end of the brewing process, substances that are commonly made from an animal product, [...]

August 2018


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We recently joined forced with Heist Craft, Lost Industry, The Brew Foundation and Sentinel Brewing Co to raise money for Roundabout, Sheffield’s youth homeless charity.  Brewing with Alex from Sentinel, we brewed a New England style Session IPA, which will be available in cask, keg and can.  For more details, check out the Just Giving page and help us raise funds! DONATE NOW!